"Bump guiding" question - FU question from Roland's experience


For our AP1600AE with a large APCC tracking model installed, can we experiment adding bump guiding using a much smaller attached guidescope? (the 'guide every 10 seconds' approach we were discussing)

the image scale on the main CDK17 is 0.63" 
the image scale on the piggyback scope (SVX80) is approx 1.7"

Right now we can get pretty good results on 600sec exposures, but not sure if the issues we're seeing (minor issues) are seeing or tracking related. 

The reason i'm asking this is because the telescope is in Chile, so buying a compatible OAG, shipping it there, installing it, etc. is quite expensive. We already have the piggyback scope there and available so we can at least try it out if you think it would be a valid test.


Brian Valente

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