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am I the last one to hear "Crowdy" Nights? lol

I posted that resonse for you Roland 

On Thu, Oct 15, 2020 at 10:41 AM uncarollo2 <chris1011@...> via <> wrote:
I want to help this user, but I am not on CN, so if anyone on our user group can reach out to him, I have the answer to his problem below.

I am having trouble tracking with my AP Mach1 mount.  I am using Maxim DL, and I have set the "autoguider output control" to "telescope."
I am able to "sort of track" for an hour or so with round stars, but then it becomes impossible once the telescope has pointed much higher in the sky.
Calibration.  My  biggest problem is the complete inability to calibrate successfully.   When I try to calibrate, I get an angle between the x and y axes that is far, far from 90 degrees.  It is more like 130 degrees.  So I assume that the lack of calibration is at the heart of my difficulties.
I have tried to balance carefully, with the tube balanced first.

The problem is quite simple, and you are correct that inability to calibrate will cause guiding problems. Anyone who has used MaximDL for guiding will know that Maxim is notorious for starting the calibration on one star in the field and then switch to another star half way thru the calibration procedure. This produces a bogus calibration. If you are not aware of this and try to use this calibration, then guiding accurately is impossible.

The key is to find a suitable star field that has one dominant bright star so that the program doesn't mix it up with another star in the field. You have to watch carefully during the calibration to make sure that Maxim has not switched stars. I have even seen the program switch from a star to a bright noise pixel.

So, if any of your Astronuts is also on CN, can you please let him know the above, and encourage him to come on this AP group.




Brian Valente

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