Re: Crayford style focuser for Vario-Finder 10x60 ; 61x250 f/4.1


Rolando: For a long time I used the Baader Vario-Finder as a guide scope with my TEC140ED (FL = 1035 mm with flattener).  The guider is an SX Superstar.  The Vario-Finder bracket (the one you sell) is mounted to the body of the focuser (Starlight Instruments 3545).  A brief email exchange with Howard a couple of months led me to go back to using the build-in OAG on my QSI 683 ("Why are you using a guide scope?").  As part of my re-evaluation of my guide settings and techniques and other matters, I've pored through hundreds of messages in this forum, going back to the forum's beginning in 2000.  There was some commentary about the Baader guide scope when you introduced it to the A-P product lineup back in 2013, but there hasn't been much since then.  What is your current feeling about using the Baader Vario-Finder as a guide scope?

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