Re: Crayford style focuser for Vario-Finder 10x60 ; 61x250 f/4.1

Woody Schlom



I don’t know about a Crayford style focuser, but Baader makes nice helical focusers for the Vario-Finder.  The one I have is a 1.25” eyepiece holder with helical focuser built into it.


Unfortunately I’m not home now and can’t give you the Baader part number.  But it’s NOT the stock one that comes with the Vario-Finder.  As I recall it’s T2 thread at the scope side – so it just threads on.  And unlike another 1.25” adapter for that scope from Baader, this one has a much longer 1.25” throat – so eyepieces or camera nosepieces don’t wobble nearly as much as Baader’s very short 1.25” adapter.




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Subject: [ap-gto] Crayford style focuser for Vario-Finder 10x60 ; 61x250 f/4.1


Hi All,


 I would like to replace the sliding focuser on my Vario-Finder (10x60;  61x250 f/4.1) scope with a Crayford style focuser. 


Does anyone have a suggestion?






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