Re: #ASCOM_V2_Driver #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Joe Brooks

Ray, thanks for your quick response.

I use the following astro programs:
  SGP Pro
  ASCOM V2 - 5.30.10

* Try rebooting to see if the problem persists.
   No change

* Try updating Windows and/or your graphics card drivers.
Updated Windows 10 and graphics driver

* If you are using a docking station, try updating its drivers.
   Do not use docking station

* Try reinstalling the AP V2 ASCOM driver.
   Reinstalled  AP V2 ASCOM driver - no change
   Uninstalled  and reinstalled  AP V2 ASCOM driver - no change

If none of those suggestions help:

* Are you remoted into the computer doing this? Some remote desktop applications, like TeamViewer have been known to do this.
No, but I use remote desk to connect to the laptop

* Which version of Windows are you using? Type "WinVer" from the Windows run menu will provide the exact version.
  Windows 10 Pro
  Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.1082)

* Are you using dual monitors?

* Is there anything else unusual about the computer?
  No, it is a Dell inspiron 13 7000 series



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