Re: Pier Crash - need help diagnosing #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Roland Christen

Hi Joel,

Ray Gralack looked at your ASCOM log and discovered that the mount was sent a sync to a negative Dec number (-55 Dec instead of +55). Doing so caused the scope to subsequently dive under the mount when the park command was sent.

If your command program had been connected to APCC instead of the mount directly thru the driver, then that errant sync would have been flagged and prevented from getting thru. It's one of many safety features of APCC. You would also be able to set limits easily, so that pier crashes would not occur. The basic APCC is all you need to protect those delicious scopes on that mount, Pro version is optional.


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Please send me your ASCOM log file from last night.  I'm going to make an educated guess here:  Do you use Park 2 as your park position?
The ASCOM log was linked to in the original post, but here it is again:  ASCOM LOG.  
Actually I use Park 5.

Whatever happened, the mount did a meridian flip back again into a counterweight up position. The driver log should show what happened.
Interesting.  I did have another target that was supposed to begin at 02:00, but I thought the imaging sequence ended around 00:35 with an abort.  Perhaps that flip tried to happen again at 02:00.

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