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I am experiencing an issue with plate solving in the APCC APPM tool that I can't seem to track down. 

As an example. If I slew the scope to Sculptor galaxy and take an image, the galaxy is very clearly centered. APCC displays the correct RA/DEC for the object. If I then use APPM to plate solve and recal on the object, the image appears to solve correctly but I get an error saying that recal has failed because it is too far from the current RA/DEC. Everything that I look at says the RA/DEC are as expected for Sculptor galaxy. Image scale and orientation are correct. I appear to have significant error in the previous coordinates for some reason.

I've been trying to track this down for hours and am at a complete loss. I have been using APPM for years and have never had an issue. If a log would be useful please let me know which one you would like.

Any help would be appreciated.


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