AAPC and SkyX Not Fully Communicating with Each Other #APCC

Robert Ray


I have a problem that I am wondering if others have run into this.  I have an AP 1200Gto mount upgraded to GTOCP4 and I control it with APCC Pro.  My desktop computer (32 gb of ram) has Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.  I have no trouble connecting to my mount through APCC - I connect via Ethernet.  My APCC, AP drivers and firmware are all up to date and I am using ASCOM 6.4 sp1 (on advice from AP support).  I have TheSkyX Pro and the camera control add-on and want to use them for mount control and imaging.  I have the latest version and build of SkyX.  After starting APCC and connecting to the mount, I then run SkyX and connect easily to the mount.  I can control and move the mount from SkyX.  However, if I select a target in SkyX, it will slew in the direction of the object but be off by 30-40 degrees.  SkyX thinks the scope has correctly slewed to the object and will indicate that on its map.  FYI, I have been over the parameters of both SkyX and APCC and they both match up.  It is not a time issue as far as I can tell.  There is no time or location difference between APCC and SkyX and this is not a polar alignment issue.  I do not think it is the mount since I re-connected the keypad and attempted to slew to an object - it landed right on it.  In my opinion, it is either SkyX or communication between SkyX and APCC.  I have considered re-installing SkyX but I’m not sure yet that will help.  

I am working with George on this issue but I thought it might be worthwhile to ask the forum if anyone else has run into a similar problem?  If anyone has had similar issues, I would appreciate hearing about them.


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