Re: Help with "Syncing"

Michael Freeberg <snopak@...>

Tony, I use the precise pointing feature inside will plate solve the first sleep to target and then move the mount to center target .once centered it will sync to target.


On Oct 3, 2020 12:04 AM, Tony Benjamin <tonybenjamin@...> wrote:
I must be doing something (or everything) wrong wrt syncing the mount. Heres what I have been doing without much success.

I'm using Voyager to send the mount to where I want it to go (Voyager is using J2000 coordinates). So, as an example I'll send the mount to Vega (via Voyager). I'll take an image and see that Vega is not well centered. So I'll move the mount via the manual buttons inside APCC Pro. Once I get Vega centered I will "Sync" the mount by entering the J2000 coordinates that are given for Vega in Voyager (using SESAME - which finds and gives the coordinates).

Now this seems to work fine if I leave Vega and go back to it - but if I go somewhere else (say M31 or M13) these will not be in the FOV?? I thought by syncing on a known object (such as Vega) that your gotos should be fine after that?

What am I doing wrong?

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