Re: Mach1 play in RA Axis - did not adjust out with Gear Mesh adjustment

Cheng-Yang Tan

Hi John,
   I haven't read the entire thread and Rolando is the expert.

   Here's what I did to remove the RA play with instructions from Rolando and Howard | Advice needed: I can rock RA in Mach1GTO (very small), should I adjust?

Here's the photos of the nut that I had to tighten by about a 1/4 turn. And then adjust the backstop. After that, my RA is rock solid. And dare I say, I measured my PE after the adjustment and it has also improved.

Inline image
Inline image


On Friday, October 2, 2020, 07:46:19 AM CDT, John Davis <johncdavis200@...> wrote:

Hi Mike - you aren't butting in - any suggestion is appreciated.

Unfortunatley the CW shaft is rock solid - not the source of the play.  I checked that multiple times, and the play is sitll there even with the Dec axis assembly removed.  I wish the solution was that simple.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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