Re: Weather station to complement APPC Pro/APPM modeling? #APCC #Mach2GTO

Dale Ghent

I would use weather service sources for barometric pressure if it was not available on-site. Barometric pressure is going to be largely consistent across a wide geographic area.

You can use the ASCOM ObservingConditions Hub (OCH) driver to mix in multiple sources of the various weather properties that ASCOM ObservingConditions covers. So you can use temperature, humidity, and dewpoint from the Pegasus PPA, and air pressure and other data from OpenWeatherMap, a driver for which is included with ASCOM.

To use OpenWeatherMap, you can go to, create an account, and then create an API Key for that account, which is a string of text characters, which you would then program into the OpenWeatherMap ASCOM driver's configuration screen along with the coordinates or postal code you want data for. The OCH will then mix these sources together and present them to the app (APPM/APCC) for use.

Here are two screenshots from my setup that uses ASCOM OCH to mix in 3 different sources of info:

ASCOM OCH configuration screen with the following sources:

* Pegasus Ultimate Power Box v2 (temperature, humidity, dewpoint)
* Unihedron SQM device (SQM measurements)
* OpenWeatherMap (cloud cover %, air pressure, wind speed/direction/gust speed)

And how it shows up in my AP app, NINA in my case:

(SQM measurement is missing because I don't have that connected at this time)


On Oct 2, 2020, at 2:01 AM, Marcelo Figueroa via <> wrote:

I am looking for a weather station to support the modeling of my Mach2. My candidates are 2:

1) Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox Advance. My favorite, it handles USB ports, power and dew heaters. And it measures temperature and humidity, but NOT barometric pressure.

(It is also perfect to complement the power and USB outputs of the Mach2).

2) MGBox V2 from Measures temperature, humidity and pressure (in addition to GPS)

So, which one is the best to accompany the modeling, in short, how important is to be able to measure the barometric pressure?

Thank you,

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