Re: Mach1 play in RA Axis - did not adjust out with Gear Mesh adjustment

Mike Dodd

May I butt in to ask a basic question?

On 10/1/2020 11:13 PM, John Davis wrote:
Thanks for that detailed description - I found the parts as described,
and when I moved the counterweight shaft, I could not see or feel any
movement of the silver shaft. The counterweight arm does still move
just as before.
QUESTION: Is the CW shaft screwed-in tightly?

Put your fingers at the connection between the CW shaft and the housing. Can you feel movement? If so, the answer to this question is "NO."

I'm not familiar with the Mach1, but if something moves at point X (the CW shaft), but not at point Y (the worm wheel or worm itself), then something must be loose between points X and Y.

But what do I know? Just a thought....


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