Re: clutch tightening

Roland Christen

Yes, you can tighten the Mach1 with an Allen key. You can lock it up or tighten to any setting in between.


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In ref to below - Just to confirm is Mach 1 considered a " New Mount " and as such it is acceptable to tighten clutch knobs with an Allen Wrench? tnx, Mike


    When talking about the “allowable” safe force  to lock clutch knobs , you should always STRESS the fact that you are talking about the NEW mounts AP-(1100, 1600, 32000) , and definitely not the old model AP-(900 & 1200).
    Tightening the latter’s clutches with an Allen Key will definitely squish – you often say “mushroom” - the Delrin plugs into the clutch knob threaded hole wall, and make it impossible to ever extract them for replacement – even using the special AP extraction screwdriver, which just chips them like sugar cubes.
    I speak from very bitter experience. Took an enormous  effort,  special tools, unique procedures, and lots of AP tech advice tips,  to finally get them out and replaced. Now I tighten “pinky-finger tight”, and leave solving other problems to perfect counterweighting.

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