Re: Mach1 play in RA Axis - did not adjust out with Gear Mesh adjustment

John Davis

Sorry - 2 more questions Rolando:

1). How do I get to the Worm end nut?  I see a round cap on the gear box - but it does not easily move - so I was not comfortable trying to force it  to move - is that the access point to get to the Worm end nut?  If so - how is it removed. If not please tell me where it is accessed

2). you described removing the "cwt adapter on the end of the RA axis" - I'm not sure what this referrs to.  I removed the Dec axis assembly which gave me access to the inside of the RA clutch assembly, but I did not see anything that looked like the "main bearing retainer nut" - could you clarify your description of how to access that retainer nut?

Thanks - sorry to be so dense about this - I'm reading the manual looking for these descriptions of parts - and things do not match up, and I'm being extra cautious at this early point in my ownership of the Mach1.


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