Mach1 play in RA Axis - did not adjust out with Gear Mesh adjustment

John Davis

I have a new-to-me Mach1 that I received last week via UPS from its original owner.  The mount was securely shipped in a pelican case with a custom foam cutout that securely held it in place.  

I have now begun to assemble the mount on its new tripod, and after putting the mount on the tripod, I noticed that there was some play in both the Dec and RA axies with the clutches finger tightened.  I read the section of the Manual about the Gear Mesh adjustments.  This mount was sold new in June 2016, so it has the auto-adjusting motor gearbox.  I followed the instructions in this section of the manual to perform those adjustments.  That adjustment took all the play out of the Dec axis - it is rock solid now.  However, the RA axis still has seemingly the same amount of play in it as it did before the adjustment.  I repeated the process on the RA axis another time or two to make sure that I did it correctly.

I'd like some input from you all who are long-term owners about what the problem might be (if it is a problem) and what the solution might be.  I've contacted AP but have not heard back from them yet.

I've attached a short video illustrating what I'm seeing.

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