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Good to hear you were able to restore operation to the system. Also good to hear that the manual was of use! I would still be interested to know if the issue was the CP5 emitting too strongly or some type of interference, but that isn’t something I can decipher from AP. If you feel the urge to test things beyond what you have already done, I would be interested to know what the signal strength is at a couple of positions in your observatory with the antenna extended vs flat. For on the go testing, I use a free app on my phone that displays all of the WiFi signals in the area and their relative strengths, as well as the channels they are on. There are a number of apps that do the same thing, so you should be able to find ones that you enjoy for free. On Android, I have used WiFiAnalyzer and WiFi Analyzer successfully. Checking the WiFi signals in front of the CP5 and in front of your computer with the antenna up and down would show if it really was an issue of strength, or possibly some type of interference.




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Hi Liam,
Hi All,

In my case, the problem was not that the CP5 was not emitting enough when the computer was plugged in, but that it was emitting too much with the antenna active. The new CP5 manual with the chapter TROUBLESHOOTING, TIPS AND SUPPORT gives the solution. With the antenna lying down or not but surrounded by an aluminum foil no more worries. I just tested.

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