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Dale Ghent

On Sep 26, 2020, at 11:16 PM, Worsel via groups.io <bryancashion=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

I reckoned that since I paid for SGP in order to use APPM, I should give it a chance to replace my existing imaging package. That did not work out. While I still use it when I need to update the APCC/APPM model, I certainly would like to eliminate the use of SGP.

Unfortunately, neither APPM nor any plate solver (at this time) actually capture images...that's the function that the 'middleman' provides. All of us have imaging software; the question is could APPM access those images.

Maybe I am missing something.
See section 14.1 of the APPC Pro docs[1]. APPM already can get an exposure itself without the help of middleware so long as the camera being used has an ASCOM driver. If you're an SBIG owner, I guess that means you're out of luck and you do need the SGPro or TSX middleware to drive the camera, unless you own a newer Aluma series model. But for the vast majority of astrocams out there, even FLI now with Helmut's ASCOM driver, it would appear that APPM can run the camera via its ASCOM driver and thus get a frame to then pass off to a solver.

It can really be as simple as set your ASCOM camera driver to be the camera source, then select from a list of solvers which one you want to use for solving. Bing bang boom. In fact, it's essentially already like that... it's like 90% of what's needed is already there; what's missing are the drivers needed to let APPM run and then parse the results of the various solvers out there.

[1] https://www.astro-physics.info/tech_support/software/apcc/apcc-pro.pdf

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