locked Re: #APCC APCC/APPM blocking issue with AP1100GTOAE #APCC

Dale Ghent

On Sep 26, 2020, at 10:20 PM, Brian Valente <bvalente@gmail.com> wrote:

My AP mount (and presumably yours) cost untold thousands of dollars (worth it),

Filters, camera etc. telescope are probably equivalent but likely more.

APCC costs about 1500 full price(?)

and you want to quibble about $150 for a plate solving solution that makes your pointing and tracking significantly improved?

This totally mystifies me.

APCC Pro and pinpoint to me are the biggest no-brainer decision. It's one of the smallest expenses in this whole setup. it's probably less than just the tax we paid for the camera!
Fine, would you quibble about me asking you to send me $150 plus yearly sub costs since, apparently, it means nothing to you? Are you really that full of yourself? I have no idea why you would be resistant to this want because it wouldn't affect you anyway; or is being this kind of person is just how you roll?

Conversely, a $1500 suite should not require another $XXX (yearly recurring) dollars of 3rd party /middleware/ in order to just execute a core function. I mean, we're not even using SGPro (or TSX for that matter) for other purposes that are unique to those programs - they're just surrogates for running a plate solver... plate solvers that APPM can do just as well running directly and cut out the extra indirection.


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