locked Re: #APCC APCC/APPM blocking issue with AP1100GTOAE #APCC

Dale Ghent

On Sep 26, 2020, at 8:37 PM, Ray Gralak <groups3@gralak.com> wrote:

Right, but ASTAP is under active development. As was pointed out earlier in this thread, there have been fixes
even since I used it last. It's possible that if the problem is there (and we still don't know that, it could be SGP), that
it's already been fixed.
Is it correct that the latest version is a *beta* version? (v0.9.421) It is free now, but will it be free when it is released as v1.0?
What can I say, Han doesn't really care about versioning. I wouldn't quibble over that since we as developers know that versioning can be rather arbitrary. At any rate, the source for ASTAP and all of Han's other projects are licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license, which is one of the most commonly-used open source licenses out there. No one, not even himself, can suddenly disappear that code as part of any attempt to make it closed-source. Doing so would violate one of the core points that comprise the GNU GPL and other open source licenses like it.

I've noticed that the "but what if he/she/they charges for it later" response is common, especially in the astro scene, when it comes to open source projects. This primarily indicates to me a lack of familiarity of what open source licensing means and entails and maybe even an unfamiliarity with the open source community as a whole. If there is some confusion, please feel welcome to contact me directly and I can help explain any points of curiosity or confusion.

I just downloaded it, installed it and the G17 database. I then used APPM's NASA SkyView camera type to get an emulated image, which solved in PinPoint in a few seconds. Trying to solve the same image in ASTAP fails despite that it seemed to extract the correct RA/Dec and image scale from the FITS header.

Any idea of what I should check? Or is this a possible bug in the application?
Might want to check out the "Quick checklist for solving" section in the ASTAP docs:


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