Re: Strange behavior doing center here SGP and APCC/Meridian Zones #APCC

Roland Christen

There is an interaction between safe zone and slewing within the counterweight up position for centering. It depends how the centering command is done. It can be done two ways, either with a timed move at 1x sidereal or by issuing a new coordinate. If it is done via a timed move, similar to the way guiding software does it, then there is no issue and the mount will move directly to the new position. If it is done via a commanded co-ordinate move, the mount will do a safe slew procedure, which first brings it to a counterweight down position before moving to the new commanded position.

At this time we have no way to distinguish between a commanded goto for centering and one for slewing to a new object. Therefore all commanded moves using coordinate slew methods will cause this back and forth motion, in and out of the safe zone.

Roland Christen

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I've been having a strange problem when using the meridian limits and trying to plate solve on an object. I am using SGP, Stellarium and Stellarium Scope to pick and goto objects. I have horizon points set and meridian safe zones set in APCC.  I slew to a location in the east. The scope identifies the location as being a safe location and slews with CW up.  So far so good.  Now, after taking a frame and focus I see that the object is not centered. To rectify, I use the SGP 'center here' function (which has always worked for me). When I do, the mount flips the OTA to the other side of the pier. Once there, it does a plate solve, and when it fails (usually does the first time after a flip) the scope is flipped again back to the CW up position. This pendulum action continues until I manually stop the mount. This only happens when my initial starting location is close to a safe zone boundary or near the meridian.  I've successfully been able to start CW up in other cases.

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