Re: Nudge Guiding last night

Roland Christen

The guide signals are not modified by APCC. Yes, of course MaximDL has to be connected to the driver, so the guide signals go to the mount with proper protocol. Using guiding and custom tracking in APCC works fine. It also works fine when using the simple model created by the keypad.


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Hi Roland,

how do you do that? I have MaximDL connected to the AP driver. The driver do as I sought is connected to APCCC and APCC to the control Box.


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My MaximDL guide signals does not go thru APCC. MaximDL goes direct to the mount.


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That's fantastic. The other night I was also testing this form of guidance using PHD2 and SGP, although not with such long exposures.
When I did it I noticed that in APCC Pro the tracking rate had changed from custom (comet icon) normally used when not using guiding, to sidereal. Is that normal?

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