Re: More unguided imaging with the Mach2 - the open cluster NGC 129 #Mach2GTO

Dean Jacobsen

Hi Jim, thanks for taking a look.

1. 180 s at gain 100 offset 50. 
2. I haven't done that.  I only get out 3 or 4 times a month for imaging so I haven't had time to do anything like that. 
3. I have only had the ASI2600MC out for three sessions.  I have never had a color camera before and I do like the simplicity of using it.  This latest batch of cameras with the back illuminated detectors was something I wanted to try out.  It seems to be plenty sensitive.  I am also waiting for ZWO to come out with the promised mono version which I can use with my existing filter wheel and filters for narrow band imaging.
Dean Jacobsen
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