Re: More unguided imaging with the Mach2 - the open cluster NGC 129 #Mach2GTO

Jim Hawn

Dean, impressive image.  Well done, especially the vivid colors.  A couple of questions for you.
1.  How long were your individual sub exposures?  I'm gradually increasing unguided exposure times on my Mach2GTO and wanted to compare results.
2.  Have you conducted a "A/B" side-by-side evaluation of your Mach2GTO with the APCC model engaged versus without?  If so, how would you characterize the improvement delta utilizing the model?
3.  What do you find to be the most appealing features and benefits of the ASI2600MC-Pro in the field?  I'm familiar with the technical specs, but interested to hear an assessment from a fellow Mach2GTO user.

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