Re: A bunch of APCC woes...

Tom Blahovici

Well, the keypad had the time set to -4.  This obviously contributed to the issues of pointing which are now resolved.  However, the issues with the virtual ports are still there.
I deleted all the ports.  Then created com16 and com17.  The original ones com5 and com6 do not show up in the device manager or in the ascom drivers.  However, I still had one device that had the driver set to com5. This one still works! Even though you cannot see it anywhere.
So my remaining question is still, can you have multiple use of the ascom driver for multiple applications each of which is configured for a different comport?  Doesn't seem to work but could be related to the still two remaining phantom ports.  And yes, I showed hidden devices and deleted them and rebooted.

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