Re: A little trouble updating my CP4 firmware

Roland Christen

At the end of the firmware update the status bar will be blue all the way across. Above it will say:
File OK
Download OK
Running New program.
Power cycle the CP4 and re-initialize to take effect.

You can then press the bar below that says:
"Terminal Command Interface"
Enter :V#  -  this will return the program version that is now installed in your CP4. It will either be the old version if the download did not succeed, or the new one if it did.


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I realized my CP4 firmware had not been updated from the previous version, an update to which I’d performed last year without any problem.  In any event, I downloaded the latest version of the firmware this morning, unzipped and saved to a folder. Using a direct Ethernet connection from my laptop to the powered-up CP4 (with nothing else connected), I went to the IP address calculated per the instructions. Pt.1 installed easily enough but Pt.2 keeps stalling on “Running New Program” with status bar initially moving but then stopping. Any ideas what the problem could be? 

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