Re: Do NOT use ASCOM Platform v. 6.5 with APCC Pro #APCC #ASCOM_V2_Driver

John Stiner

Terri, I had a simile experience with plate-solving via PlateSolve2 with SGP. After updating to ASCOM 6.5, when I initiated a sequence, SGP would reflect that the mount was slewing to the target but it was not actually slewing.  When I used APCC to actually slew the scope to the target, after capturing a frame to solve, SGP (or PlateSolve2–not sure which) would indicate it was correcting the scope’s position but it was again staying in the same place. After uninstalling ASCOM 6.5 and reinstalling 6.4, SGP now slews in sequence start-up. I’ll check the plate-solving corrections tonight. 

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