Re: Problem Getting APPM to connect to TheSkyX

Lee Dodge

Thanks Howard.  Your suggestion worked for letting me run APPM as administrator.  Sorry for my ignorance with Windows 10.

I hope to make it out to the observatory to check it out this evening.  It now does allow me to get APPM to connect to TheSkyX Pro camera, where in the past I was getting an ActiveX error at that point, so I am optimistic.  


On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 3:39 PM Howard Hedlund <howard@...> wrote:
APPM can be opened from either the button in APCC, or the Windows Programs Menu under Astro-Physics / APCC Pro /.   To run as administrator, use the link in the Windows Program menu and right click on it.  Then select Run as Administrator. 

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