Problem Getting APPM to connect to TheSkyX

Lee Dodge

Ray Gralak (or others),
A fellow named Jeff Kraehnke wrote to the forum in June, 2020 with the concern that he could not get APPM to talk with TheSkyX.  He was getting an ActiveX error.  I have exactly the same problem.  
You said the solution was as follows:
"Usually you can fix this by running both SkyX Pro and a client application (e.g. APPM) "as administrator" and connecting APPM to SkyX's add in camera control. You can Shut both down and rerun them normally (i.e. not "as administrator") and APPM should now be able to connect."
Mr. Kraehnke reported that your suggestion fixed his problem.  I would like to try this on my computer, but I don't know how to run APPM as administrator.  I know how to run APCC as administrator, but I don't know how to get to APPM to run it as administrator.  I thought APPM might be a subprogram under APCC?

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