Re: Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

Tom Blahovici

// One thing that can cause a problem with the centroid measurement is an out-of-focus star. If the star has a comatic tail or is somewhat oval then the centroid will wander around with poor seeing. I have seen this many times.
I never had issues in the past with a STL11000. I would use the main chip in this camera.  I have the exact same location of the scope, on the same pier. I am now using an ASI6200 with a separate off axis guider. The stars do look comatic. Unfortunately I cannot use the ASI6200.  PemPro reports insufficient memory.  It really should allow sub frames to be used for the polar alignment. It doesn't.  It would seem if this is the root cause, then I am up a creek without a paddle!

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