Re: Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

Cheng-Yang Tan

I should really read the title and the body of the message ... :) For whatever reason, my brain froze and I was thinking Rolando was following up on my PEC measurement query.

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Hi Rolando,
  I'll keep and eyeball on that. There's not much to do on a Moonless, hazy night but to do PEC measurements. Another reason, I'm looking forward to my Mach2 so that I don't need to do this exercise.


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One thing that can cause a problem with the centroid measurement is an out-of-focus star. If the star has a comatic tail or is somewhat oval then the centroid will wander around with poor seeing. I have seen this many times.


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On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 08:52 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:
there is heat wafting up off of nearby buildings, pavement, etc
That could be a possibility.  I doubt there are tube currents., The scope is always outdoors at the same ambient temperature.
Could this be related to using an off-axis guider? The stars are certainly not perfectly round. I cannot use my main imager since I receive an out of memory from PemPro.  This is an ASI6200, 62 mp camera.
You really should allow subframes in the polar axis to avoid that.  You have it for the PEC section.  Why not here as well? 

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