Re: Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Ray –
    As usual, an excellent response to my recent PEMPRO concerns.  I have filed this gem away on my hard drive,  for future relearning, or if I  have another senior moment. Wish you would had written a book about the amazing things your PEMPRO already takes into account – but then you risk giving away too many valuable design details. Obviously, you have thought out almost everything that could go wrong during polar alignment. That is why I feel PEMPRO is an exceptional program which should be in everybody’s telescope software toolkit.
    As for MIN-MAX star brightness settings, I have never looked at them, and just trusted your defaults would be fine, left as-is. But, I will consider them further,  on another hazy night.
Learned a lot from this mini-lesson.
Joe Z.

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