Re: Mach2 Wifi problems #Mach2GTO #WiFi

Dominique Durand

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 04:29 PM, Liam Plybon wrote:

When you say you connected the PC to the mount with USB3, are you saying you connected the PC to the through-mount cable? The CP5 can only use a USB2 cable, since USB3 will not fit in the receptacle.

I am interested in trying to replicate as close to how you experience it as I can. If you are willing to spend some time with me working on the issue, I would really appreciate it. I want to find a solution to the issue.
Hi Liam,
Great. Lately I have been focusing on modeling and photos, because the WIFi was not essential, but in July I did a lot of tests to see under what conditions the WIFI worked and when it didn't. not. I can repeat his tests of course. I had also solved the problem it seems to me by moving the CP5 away from the stand which has 3 stainless steel threaded rods for the support of the frame. I put a diagram of my installation which beyond the WIFi works perfectly with speeds of 200 to 300mo / s for the USB3.


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