Re: Mach2 Wifi problems #Mach2GTO #WiFi

Robert Berta

My CP-4 has always had an issue with maintaining wireless connections with 3 different Android devices (phones, tablets)...and others have same issue with some Apple products. I reported this about 4 years ago and even after all firmware updates I (and others) have the same issues. Out of frustration I got a SkyFi wireless device and it has been trouble free, maintains the connection over very long distances. I suspect it may be the wifi module used in the CP mounts. I know AP in many cases weren't able to duplicate the issue with various connections but ok on others. I am OK with using the SKYFI module but a little put out that that was one of the reasons for upgrading from my 900 CP 3 setup to the 1100 CP 4 although all the other enhancements made it worthwhile. I still have the old 900 CP 3 mount for field use and the 1100 CP 4 is for permanent setup. I know at one point AP was considering working with the owner and engineer of the SKYFi module and SkySafari to help figure it out but evidently never happened.

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