locked #APCC APCC/APPM blocking issue with AP1100GTOAE #APCC

philippe oros

I have been using my AP1100 since more that one year without major difficulties and with using with satisfaction the APPM models to make long unguided captures, but since one month or so I am fighting with a series of problems after I changed my imaging camera from ASI 1600 MMpro to ASI2600MC pro, I had first issues with SGP/Plate solve2 that I cured using ASTAP. but since then I am facing a blocking issue. When I try to make an APPM model, even is the process goes well I get numbers that seem very wrong and when tracking and pointing are selected I get totally erroneous tracking and pointing, that even led on night mu scope bump into the pier.
I've tried many times (and lot several good clear sky nights) to reinitialize everything (I killed the model files, reinit the mount after powering off etc..) and the problem is allways the same, I join screen copies of my last run tonight with a very simple model of 13 points (the APCC screens show before and after the model is created and loaded)
Thanks very much for your help, especially if Ray can have look, I've sent several messages to Howard and George at AP support but have got no answer;
My setup:
AP1100GTOAE   GTOCP4 (last versions of firmware)
SGP last version
ASI2600MC pro
Canon EF L 400mm2.8 +x2@ 800mmFL
Sampling 1,01 arcsec/pix

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