Re: Does PEMPRO really luanch APCC ?

Ray Gralak


PEMPro does not directly start APCC. However, PEMPro launches the AP V2 driver, which may start APCC if the driver is configured to do so. If you are running APCC Pro, you should make sure to turn off tracking rate modeling.

-Ray Gralak
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Subject: [ap-gto] Does PEMPRO really luanch APCC ?

Hi Ray,

Just curious about this. While doing my polar alignment runs the other night, I shut down any apps that might
have been running, including APCC. The idea was to eliminate any other app that might be causing a reversal in
the recent direction instructions during drift alignment.

When I started PEMPRO-V3, I got the brief pop up that APCC was being started, and yet the only app that
was on the screen, or newly placed in the task bar, was the old and familiar AP driver control program. It popped
onto the screen when I clicked its task bar icon – but no sign of APCC’s control window anywhere. It seemd like a
momentary run lasting only a few seconds.

Was that a “redundant program message” from APCC which usually starts the driver control app? Or, is APCC
actually running in the background, but hidden from any user view while PEMPRO is working?

Not a problem, but an oddity.
Joe Z.

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