Re: Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

Joe Zeglinski

Totally  agree with you Ray.
    I like to do as you suggest, stick to rotation reference rather than east/west positional.
Perhaps a good analogy is thinking how to steer an outboard motor boat. Pushing away from the centre line, rotates the boat direction.
    I never pay much mind to the east/west reference, but rely on considering what rotation results by pushing the left or right screw off the “centre line (post).
    However, that only works for the old AP-900 & AP-1200 mounts, with the azimuth adjuster at the back of the mount, on the north side. The MACH series and newer mounts have the AZ adjuster now on the south side, which work oppositely. The wording could become complicated in the instruction. Each mount owner has to imagine how the knob push system works to get a specific rotation.
    However, for now, I’m am convinced that I have my bearings correct, and indeed, as Tom wrote, the PEMPRO screen queues ... under some conditions perhaps ... contradict program logic, based on the resulting drift changes.

From: Ray Gralak
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2020 7:23 PM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?
> I quickly realized that I should do the opposite,
> Yes.  When it says to point the mount further west,
> it really means further east, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, East/West can be ambiguous. The scope is pointing roughly South, so rotating the telescope's pointing position West actually rotates the polar azimuth position East.

To try to minimize confusion, PEMPro also states which way to rotate the mount: clockwise, or counterclockwise, if looking from the top of the mount down over the mount.

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