Re: Help, my Mach2 seems to be lost #APCC #Mach2GTO

Roland Christen

hello Marcelo,

We will send you information that will fix your issue with parking with APCC. Please ignore the first e-mail that Marj sent, she will send you another one soon.


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(Just in case, I am located in the southern hemisphere)

Tonight I finally had the opportunity to test my Mach2. First during the day I installed my equipment and balanced the mount, then I manually left it in Park3.

Later during the night I performed the polar alignment and then a couple of slew using APCC Pro, then when trying to send the mount back to Park 3 it started to turn in the opposite direction, pointing towards the center of the Earth.
Then I disconnected everything and put the mount manually  back in park 3 and performed a unpark from the last position. The RA axis seems to work well, but DEC insists on trying to point it towards the center of the Earth when starting a park 3.
My question is, is there any way to perform an unpark from park 3?, basically I want to tell the mount: at this moment you are in the park 3 position (I remember that in the case of Mach1 one of the menus allowed that). 


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