Re: Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Tom,
    Funny that you should mention the odd “adjustment direction” misbehaviour running PEMPRO.
    Like you, I have years of familiarity with PEMPRO, and it is actually fun to use. However, I spent hours last night,  trying to get it to behave with my AP-1200/CP4. I quickly realized that I should do the opposite,  to the direction it was asking me to adjust the AZ. Every time it said Clockwise rotation, I rotated the AZ COUNTER clockwise, and that worked fine. Otherwise, as in your experience, following its suggestion, the gap just widened with every suggested direction adjustment.
    I think the initial setup calibration  pointing to either your East side or West of the meridian, should automatically determine if the camera ‘s vertical direction, Mine was upside down, during the run, pointing to   West of the PM. Next time out, I will rerun PEMPRO, but with the scope pointing to the East side of the PM, and see if the direction to turn then becomes correct. As I recall, the older versions had “hockey sticks” on the drift graph, for us to help specify the camera orientation. Now it is supposed to be automatic.
    Ray, is it possible that without doing the DEC adjustment, the scope axis is pointing below or above Polaris, and this makes it offer the contrary direction suggestions?
    I also had problems with connecting the camera to the software (CCDSOFT) – kept getting the “Unavailable ACTIVEX module” error, unless I run both the camera software (CCDSOFT) and PEMPRO-V3, “as ADMIN”. The website claims this is only necessary to do once, to register CCDSOFT’s Activex module – but that does NOT seem to be the case. It has to be started  in Admin mode (before) starting PEMPRO,   every time.
    It is a great program, but seems to have some “direction prompting” quirks, as we have both witnessed, and which I will investigate further to double check my observations.
Joe Z.

From: Tom Blahovici
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2020 2:08 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

I am using an AP600e with a CP4 controller and am attempting to polar align with PemPro.

I am quite familiar with the software. That is not an issue. However, how to use it properly is obviously not apparent in my case.  I have spend at least 2 hours trying to get the polar alignment even within 1 arc minute.
I did the first alignment last week, and it seemed I was within 1 minute.  I checked it yesterday, and it was a degree off. I kept trying to adjust both azimuth and altitude, but the trend lines were never stable seeing to go all over the place.
It would show a line being off by 6 minutes and I would adjust the mount in the right direction only to find it was even higher.  Not only that, when I did get it close, the trend line would be fine for the first 3 minutes only to then start slanting again.
It should not be this unstable.
A bit about the mount: It is mounted on a 10 inch diameter pier on top of a solid 3' x 3' concrete block that is 6 feet long buried in the ground. It has been there for 5 years or so. There is no flexing on the mounting at all.  Rock solid.  Scope is an FSQ106 with Moonlight nightcrawler with screw in adapters.  The drive has a very smooth 3 arc second peak to peak tracking.  With PEM, +-2.8.
I am using APCC standard and the pointing has been calibrated.
Any hints please?
Thanks, Tom

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