Takes hours for me to polar align with PemPro...Suggestions for my AP600e?

Tom Blahovici

I am using an AP600e with a CP4 controller and am attempting to polar align with PemPro.

I am quite familiar with the software. That is not an issue. However, how to use it properly is obviously not apparent in my case.  I have spend at least 2 hours trying to get the polar alignment even within 1 arc minute.
I did the first alignment last week, and it seemed I was within 1 minute.  I checked it yesterday, and it was a degree off. I kept trying to adjust both azimuth and altitude, but the trend lines were never stable seeing to go all over the place.
It would show a line being off by 6 minutes and I would adjust the mount in the right direction only to find it was even higher.  Not only that, when I did get it close, the trend line would be fine for the first 3 minutes only to then start slanting again.
It should not be this unstable.
A bit about the mount: It is mounted on a 10 inch diameter pier on top of a solid 3' x 3' concrete block that is 6 feet long buried in the ground. It has been there for 5 years or so. There is no flexing on the mounting at all.  Rock solid.  Scope is an FSQ106 with Moonlight nightcrawler with screw in adapters.  The drive has a very smooth 3 arc second peak to peak tracking.  With PEM, +-2.8. 
I am using APCC standard and the pointing has been calibrated.
Any hints please?
Thanks, Tom

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