Re: Running Mach2 from battery at 24v


Right, heat as well as vibrations or even EMI/RFI (ElectroMagnetic / RF Interference). Some poorly designed dc-dc converter can even be harmful to sensitive precision electronics and/or disrupt nearby wireless (or wired, though that is less common) communication links.

The reason being that high efficiency in modern power supplies (or dc converters) rely on switching components (varying frequency) for voltage regulation which in turn creates unwanted electric noise and RF emissions. If those are not filtered correctly by the product designer, they may end up messing with your system. And these problems are often intermittent and hard to troubleshoot.

There’s another thread where folks complain about wifi connection problems with their Mach2. Power supply would be the first thing I’d check and replace with a known clean voltage. And as such, nothing comes cleaner than a pure battery voltage.

Heck, even if I have easily access to mains 120Vac from my backyard, I always power my mount from a 28A-h 12V battery.

My general advice would be to never cheap out on power supply (or converter), especially when the application requires high precision.

As the AP adage says “the mount is the single most important thing in an imaging system”, we could add “and so is the voltage that powers it...”


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