pointing error with keypad



I have an old (very old 1998!!) AP900gto, i encount some problem with pointing accuracy.

When i use safari (with skybt) and slew for exemple between a star and a planet (mirach and mars for exemple), all is ok, the two object are seen in lot of eyepiece with my mewlon 210, when i do the same operation with keypad, for the planet, the pointing is always off with the the eyepiece but when i slew stars to stars, there is no difference between safari and keypad.

Is there a probleme with time zone or else (i put legal time, timezone 00, daylight saving 0 at the moment), i live in west of france (about 1°25W), what are the good parameter?

Is there somewhere a corruption of planet database, i change the battery few month ago, generally,  i found pointing is less good than it was before...

The firmware is 4.19.

What is wrong with me?



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