Re: Running Mach2 from battery at 24v

Sébastien Doré

Hi Steve,

If you don’t need to slew at high speed, you might not find a great advantage in boosting your battery voltage to 24V.

While it might seem appealing to get room as far as power is concerned, be aware that a dc-dc boost converter won’t give you much than what your battery can already provide. In fact, any voltage conversion (buck or boost) will result in loss of power in the system. Your load (the mount in your case) will consume about the same amount of power (more voltage and less current at 24V than 12V) but the inefficiencies (as small as they can be, say 5% like in the model you are considering) will be totally lost, resulting in a lost of autonomy of your battery-powered system.

Also keep in mind that some dc-dc converter designs require a minimum load to work (or start working) and perform at their nominal specified efficiency... So depending on what else you plan to power from 24V oversizing might not be your friend...

Clear sky!


Le 11 sept. 2020 à 17:32, Steve Armen <st5.armen@...> a écrit :

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Preparing for a mach2 in the future, would anybody care to recommend (AP staff included) a good quality DC2DC boost converter for 12V to 24V? Reading the specs, it seems the mount may like to operate at 24V instead of 12V. In the case of operating from 12V batteries, looking at options. 

Looking at this one:

It's nice with much overhead for the current load /power required, good efficiency. Not that I'm planning on slewing at 1800x running from batteries :-) 



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