Re: Running Mach2 from battery at 24v

Roland Christen

If you are doing nothing but slewing, then it's nice to have 1800x. However, the mount runs just peachy with only 12 volts. In fact it will even run nicely at 10 volts. When you are tracking or guiding, etc, it doesn't matter what voltage you use, 12v, 18v, 24v. All works just the same.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Running Mach2 from battery at 24v


Preparing for a mach2 in the future, would anybody care to recommend (AP staff included) a good quality DC2DC boost converter for 12V to 24V? Reading the specs, it seems the mount may like to operate at 24V instead of 12V. In the case of running from batteries.

Looking at this one:

It's nice with much overhead for the current load /power required, good efficiency. Not that I'm planning on slewing at 1800x running from batteries :-) 


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