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I would be happy to talk to you about the wifi issues you are experiencing. Like Don mentions, it is a problem we have had trouble replicating here at Astro-Physics; since you have the problem ‘active’ we can do some diagnostics.


Call our number at 815-282-1513.


Liam Plybon



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Hi Ernie,


I have had this problem with my CP4 on occasion.  It will disconnect in the middle of a session.  If I try to reconnect, it asks for the password, but won’t accept it.  The only way to reconnect is to recycle power to the CP.  With my 1100 mount, I don’t have absolute encoders, so I park the mount with APCC and then reconnect and slew back to my object.  With the Mach 2, you can probably just recycle power without having to park because of the AE’s.


I have heard others with this problem as well, but AP says they can’t duplicate it.  I suspect it has something to do with outside interference in your area.  Mine rarely does it, so I can live with that, but it is annoying.

Don Rudny

Pepeekeo, Hawaii

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Hello all,
Absent the keypad, I've been using SkySafari6 and my iPhone as a hand controller, via WiFi, to nudge the field of view when centering objects for photography. I do this by first initializing the mount via APCC, which is attached to a Windows laptop via RS232. Up to now, it has worked. But today, during daytime testing of connections of the mount inside my house, I can no longer connect to the Mach2 via WiFi after initializing. My phone tells me that my password is incorrect. My Windows laptop also cannot connect to the GTOCP5 wifi network, even though it shows up clearly in my list of available WiFi hotspots (although intermittently). My Mac laptop, which did connect to the Mach2 via Wifi and SkySafari yesterday, is not able to connect to the mount.

I have not changed the CP5 from its default settings as a WiFi as a wifi broadcast point. I have not changed the password. It is not connected to my home network. My power is good, the red light shines on the CP5. The mount will run and talk to my PC via the RS232 serial connection. Given that I cannot connect to the CP5 wifi with any of my devices, I suspect a WiFi failure of some sort, or a password that somehow got scrambled without my intervention. Also, the CP5 hotspot will intermittently disappear from my list of available WiFi hotspots. Any ideas out there? Anyone else have WiFi trouble with their Mach2?
Ernie Mastroianni
Ernie Mastroianni


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