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Looking for advice.

My basic requirement is to have SGP drive the mount and perform the meridian flip when required.
I do not have a dome/roof to drive or take care of.
The mount is also free to run continuously from park 4 to park 1 positions without any obstacles on its way; I also carefully select targets ensuring there will be no issues with horizon limits.
At the end of the automated session, I want the Mach1 to park at the park 4 position.

I could easily do all this with the ASCOM driver alone, and forget about APCC altogether; but I do take advantage of the different connexion options (and port backup) offered by APCC.

When trying to take of the additional features of APCC I feel confused with the following:
  1. The "home position": what is the intent? do I need it?
  2. Homing limits / Home - what are they meant for?
  3. Meridian > Enable Meridian Tracking Limits vs. Limit to Meridian - do I need all this? What is the "default" setting?
I guess that what I'm missing is an overall explanation that brings all these notions together with a simple diagram - it may exist but failed to find it.

In my particular case, I'm just interested to let the driving program (SGP in this case) to do all the work, flip the mount when needed, park it where I want it to, and have nothing else interfering with this process. What do I need to do (or not do!) in APCC to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for shading some light on these questions.
Clear skies to all

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