Re: Any feedback signal from a CP4 to APCC ?

Bill Long

Ive used APCC the entire time I have owned an AP mount. I got the standard edition with the coupon you get when you buy a new mount, and then upgraded it to pro. I have never found APCC to be lacking detail about error conditions at all. In fact it has thrown errors to me that pointed out some problems I caused quite a few times. 

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Thanks Ray,
    You bring up some interesting conditions. However, there were no warning messages, since I would always immediately  react to them. In my case last night, I merely drifted along, thinking the mount was still tracking during the imaging, with no need to restart APCC.
    Seems like an easy way to pack up for the night – don’t even need to remember to Park the mount. Just set the “loss of mount comms” safety option for the mount to Park itself at its its usual Home position – and simply shut down Windows and walk away.
    But, you brought up some interesting nuances of the safety feature, which I was not aware of before, and will keep them in mind on future APCC sessions.
Joe Z.
From: Ray Gralak
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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Any feedback signal from a CP4 to APCC ?
Hi Joe,

The mount could have stopped tracking if you had disconnected APCC from the mount for a while, then reconnected. The mount will stop tracking after the safety park timer expires unless you turn off Safety-Park in APCC. Reconnecting to the mount will then show the mount in the parked and "tracking off" state.

And you would have seen warning errors in APCC if it could not communicate with the mount. To see that behavior, try pulling the serial, USB, or Ethernet cable while APCC is running, assuming you are not using WiFi.

-Ray Gralak
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