Any feedback signal from a CP4 to APCC ?

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Ray,
    Last night, for the first time, I found myself with my AP-1200 “Emergency Parked” while I was using SKY CHARTS to position the mount for a photo. When I happened to glance at the bottom of the APCC window, I noticed that Tracking was turned OFF. It must have been sitting at its last work position for quite a while. My first thought was that I had photographed streaks from one of Elon Musks swarms in orbit.  I assume it was the result of “Loss of comms” CP4 time-out,  with APCC – so the CP4 safely shut down the mount where it was. There was nothing actually wrong with the CP4, and Unparking it let me retake the shot, and run the rest of the night problem & error free..
    We have been advised in the past, that the Handpad is a plain “send-only” comms terminal device, and doesn’t receive data from the controller. However, I wonder if there is any other ( perhaps indirect) way of the APCC realizing that it wasn’t being heard any longer by a CPx controller, so that the control program could flash up a User Emergency Warning of this state. Perhaps a CPx “mount not-ready” signal. That would save a long night of futile imaging, when nothing is permanently wrong.
Joe Z.

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