GTOCP3 and serial


Hello All,

I am in a mighty struggle with serial protocol. Esp. how many configurations there are that will make it not work.

Ultimate plan is to use a serial Bluetooth dongle at the mount (AP1200 with GTOCP3 V2 chip).

But for now I just want to see that a text terminal program on the PC can talk to the PC can talk to the GTOCP3 and get ASCII answers. And that's just my question. If I hook up the laptop to the GTOCP3 (the way I up to now always do) via serial cable and serial-to-USB adapter, is there a simple 'Hello' -> 'OK' conversation that I can have with the controller? Just so that I can see that communication is established. Something like an 'AT' ->'OK'. In plain ASCII. Using 'PuTTY' on the laptop. What's the procedure? I understand that the AP driver sends tons of data between the laptop and the mount. I don't even want to include the driver here. Just type on the keyboard, see the echo, hit a command + enter, and see the answer from the controller. (preferably a non-destructive command)

BTW, the BT adapter wants to know if the port is DCE or DTE. Can someone answer for the GTOCP3 ??


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