Re: Mach2 Keypad

Dominique Durand

On Sun, Sep 6, 2020 at 01:09 AM, uncarollo2 <chris1011@...> wrote:
We have parts for the 92TCC. The only problem was that the last batch of lens barrels had some spots from the anodize sub-contractor. We contacted the dealers who have these on order and told them that we could ship these with cosmetic flaws on the barrels, but we have not heard back from them whether they wanted these. meanwhile we have to make new barrels and have the anodizing done, a process that sometimes takes a month or more. Attached see the picture of the spots:

Hi Rolando,
I understand and will wait without any problem. I already have something to do with the Mach2, the AP130 and the C11 Thank you for all this magnificent material which is used with an always renewed pleasure.
My Mach1 on its Eagle tripod is always dreaming during the astronomical events in which I participate ...

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