Re: PEMPro vs PHD2 #Guiding

Joe Zeglinski

My personal apology, Bill.
    I’m not bashing your employer – just very frustrated with its problems in the last Update.
I have never owned an Apple product, nor want to,  or used any another OS – MAC or UNIX, and have no dislike of MS or its staff. Although, I still think Win-7 was still its best version. But, Win-10 is generally pretty good, in spite of problems.
    Honestly, I did think DEFENDER might have had a problem with that CCDWARE problem. Just suggested it as a possibility, rather than outright fact, which I leave to your obvious  expertise.

From: Bill Long
Sent: Sunday, September 6, 2020 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] PEMPro vs PHD2 #Guiding
Perhaps Bill is a little tired of you bagging on the company he works for? Perhaps its a bit old listening to you bicker about things that arent even real? This is a forum to talk about A-P products, not a forum for you to continue on your personal crusade against Microsoft.
Keep in mind, there are dozens and dozens of Microsoft Employees on this forum (or kids, failures, and morons as you call us) so I would probably advise you to see the bigger picture and refrain from bashing other companies. Talk about AP products and leave MS and other companies and products out of your rifle sights.

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